The naturally bred slick US Holstein line is designed for a Free Stall Barn System, it has its origins in Senepol’ genetics imported from Prime Rate Range and Castle Nugent. The semen was mated to Paul Bardoul’s Holstein herd, in Kaipaki Road, Ohaupo, Waikato, New Zealand, in 2008. From 2011 we were strongly encouraged by the milk production of the F1s and continued with a series of forward matings to what today has delivered a significant milking herd of true to type and purebred Holsteins, giving us confidence that even in a predominantly cooler climate, they are solid milking animals with no downside.

In the Waikato summer we do also experience some periods of moderate heat stress. In those periods we see the slick animals out grazing while the others cluster under trees, we have rumen boluses that prove they are definitely running cooler than the non-slicks, the boluses also tell us they are drinking less water, and respiratory rates are much reduced when observed in the rotary platform. All farming indicators align with the published science.

In 2012 we were the first in the world to deliver naturally bred Dairy Type Homozygous Slick Bulls for the purpose of export, from one of the highest health status countries in the world. We have named our breed lines the Kiwipole, which stands for naturally breed animals, with proven Dam performance. Our 250 cow breeding nucleus of very different bloodlines allows us to work with you to customize a solution for your farm system, milk payout schedules, dairy beef payment schedules, and levels of farm heat stress.

Internation ID Image Name Birth Id Best Dam Lact Best MG Dam Lact A2A2 Composition FAT Protein
HOLNZLM000000119767 SLICK MOGUL CRICKET BDPH-17-7229 8,799 6,588 A1A2 H14 S2 4.3 3.5
HOLNZLM000000519556 SLICK OHAUPOS SUPERSIRE BDPH-17-7230 10,201 11,214 A1A2 H12 F2 S2 4.4 3.6
HOLNZLM000000519555 SLICK OHAUPO SUPERSIRE BDPH-17-7246 1573* 11,205 A2A2 H12 F2 S2 4.4 3.6
HOLNZLM000000119766 SLICK SPEED EFFICIENT BDPH-17-7228 5,620 8,089 A2A2 H12 F2 S2 4.5 3.7
HOLNZLM000000516573 SLICK OHAUPO ECLIPSE DFRK-17-45 8,183 8,460 A2A2 F11 H3 S2 4.6 3.7
Internation ID Image Name Birth Id GTPI GNM$ A2A2 Composition Milk FAT Protein
HOLNZLM000000119767 KIWIPOLE MOUGUL CRICKET BDPH-17-7229 2081 +348 A1A2 H14 S2 - 3.72 18.22
HOLNZLM000000516573 KIWIPOLE OHAUPO ECLIPSE DFRK-17-45 A2A2 F11 H3 S2 - 4.6 3.7
HOLNZLM000000519555 KIWIPOLE OHAUPO SUPERSIRE BDPH-17-7246 - - A2A2 H12 F2 S2 - 4.4 3.6
HOLNZLM000000119766 KIWIPOLE SPEED EFFICIENT BDPH-17-7228 - - A2A2 H12 F2 S2 - 4.5 3.7
HOLNZLM000000519556 KIWIPOLE OHAUPOS SUPERSIRE BDPH-17-7230 - - A1A2 H12 F2 S2 - 4.4 3.6
F = NZ Fresian (pasture selection) H = Holstein (feedlot selection) J = NZ Jersey S = Senepol

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