The naturally bred slick HoJo line is a composite animal designed for Californian style Feedlots in microclimates of high to extreme heat stress.   In many tropical feedlot situations, even the Slick US Holstein is brittle.  For these open feedlot systems the HoJo is a 50% US Holstein with 50% the NZ Holstein and NZ Jersey to give the animals robustness and fertility.

Further development of the HoJo line has utilized several more Holstein herds to provide the genetic platform, and has created more options for farmers.  Some of the HoJo bull team has reduced residual Senepol for high rather than extreme heat stress micro climates.

Internation ID Image Name Birth Id Best Dam Lact Best MG Dam Lact A2A2 Composition FAT Protein
HOLNZLM000000519562 KIWIPOLE TEMAWHAI OMAN BDPH-18-40 9,185 11,628 A2A2 H8 F2 J4 S2 4.4 3.7
HOLNZLM000000519563 KIWIPOLE TEMAWHAI SUPERSIRE BDPH-17-7195 6,276 11,651 A2A2 H8 F2 J4 S2 4.6 3.7
HOLNZLM000000519564 KIWIPOLE MANGATOATOA OMAN BDPH-17-7196 6,022 12,291 A2A2 H8 F2 J4 S2 4.4 3.7
HOLNZLM000000519585 KIWIPOLE EROS LASER BDPH-18-73 9,255 12,097 A1A2 H8 F2 J3 S3 4.6 3.6
HOLNZLM000000519561 KIWIPOLE EROS POWERPLAY BDPH-18-31 6,738 2,348 A2A2 H8 F2 J3 S3 4.8 3.6
F = NZ Fresian (pasture selection) H = Holstein (feedlot selection) J = NZ Jersey S = Senepol

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