Cross Breed

The naturally bred slick Cross Breed line is a composite animal designed for high to extreme heat stressed forage / pasture based systems.  The first Senepol semen was mated to Paul Bardouls Holstein herd, in Kaipaki Road, Ohaupo, Waikato, New Zealand, in 2008 and from then on has blended the milk volume of the US Holstein, with the fertility and forage efficiency of the NZ genetics.   A foundation bull from the crossbreed line was named Slick Grazer, born in 2012, he was 25% Senepol, 25% US Holstein, 12.5% NZ Holstein and 12.5% NZ Jersey, a great bull by dairy type, his daughters are milking well in the Kaipaki Dairy farm.

In 2015 we were the first in the world to deliver naturally bred Dairy Type Homozygous Slick Bulls for the purpose of export, they were name Eros, Himeros and Pathos, these initial bulls are designed with a high component of residual Senepol delivering a resilient but milky animal with a reasonable opportunity for Dairy Beef for the bull calf progeny.

Further development of the crossbreed line has utilized several more NZ herds to provide the genetic platform, and has created more options for farmers.  Some of the bull team has reduced residual Senepol for more moderate climates, other options have increased US Holstein for a liquid milk markets, and increasing the NZ genetic influence for heat stressed free range pasture based systems.

Internation ID Image Name Birth Id Best Dam Lact Best MG Dam Lact A2A2 Composition FAT Protein
HOLNZLM000000516573 KIWIPOLE SLICK EROS BDPH-15-625 (516573) 8,032 4,770 A2A2 J6 F4 S6 4.9 3.8
HOLNZLM000000516574 KIWIPOLE SLICK HIMEROS BDPH-15-626 (516574) 7,216 4,427 A2A2 J6 F4 S6 5.6 4.2
HOLNZLM000000516583 KIWIPOLE SLICK POTHOS BDPH-15-616 (516583) 8,599 6,588 A2A2 H6 F4 S6 4.3 3.7
HOLNZLM000000517758 KIWIPOLE HIBI FATAL BDPH-17-7250 (517758) 5,367 9,557 A2A2 F5 H2 J3 A1 S5 5.2 4.1
HOLNZLM000000519574 KIWIPOLE POTHOS GRAZER BDPH-18-14 (519574) 6,933 3,048 A2A2 F6 H2 J4 S4 5 3.9
Internation ID Image Name Birth Id GTPI GNM$ A2A2 Composition Milk FAT Protein
- KIWIPOLE SLICK EROS BDPH-15-625 (516573) - - A2A2 J6 F4 S6 - 4.9 3.8
- KIWIPOLE SLICK HIMEROS BDPH-15-626 (516574) - - A2A2 J6 F4 S6 - 5.6 4.2
- KIWIPOLE SLICK PATHOS BDPH-15-616 (516583) - - A2A2 H6 F4 S6 - 4.3 3.7
- KIWIPOLE HIBI FATAL BDPH-17-7250 (517758) - - A2A2 F5 H2 J3 A1 S5 - 5.2 4.1
- KIWIPOLE PATHOS GRAZER BDPH-18-14 (519574) - - A2A2 F6 H2 J4 S4 - 5 3.9
F = NZ Fresian (pasture selection) H = Holstein (feedlot selection) J = NZ Jersey S = Senepol

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